Little Design Co

Shopify Dev
Monthly Maintenance


Little Design Co.

Design Partner:

Hello June Creative (For Initial Build)

Services we provided:

Monthly Maintenance: Aquila Launch

  • Shopify Custom Theme Development
  • Strategic Advising Sessions: 1 on 1 meetings
  • Unlimited Landing Page Design + Builds
  • Unlimited Sales Page Design + Builds
  • Technology Management and Administration
  • Integrations with Add-On technologies: Segment, Heap, Hotjar
  • Unlimited content changes
  • Continual Technical Support to resolve any issues
  • Continual Search Engine Optimization
  • Unlimited Marketing Site Updates

Project Details:

Hello June Creative asked us to partner with them to come up with a custom Theme for Little Design Co (LDC).

LDC needed a lot of customization, as far as Shopify goes and we rose to meet the challenge! They needed an easy way for their customers to navigate through their 1400+ products, as well as a way to upsell pillow inserts and additional products. They also needed a trade program setup, the ability to show pricing that didn't start with their swatches (because they were $4 and it was confusing clients), and display guides for their pillows, bolsters, and Lumbars.

Working with their team, we were able to build them a fully decked out Theme. This theme included: customized insert add on for all of their pillows, a customized dropdown mega menu complete with hover images on desktop, a trade program application that automatically creates a discounted customer account (upon approval) and had trade discounts applied at checkout automatically.

In addition, we were also able to connect and analyze their traffic by installing Google Analytics and Hotjar to show how customers are using the site. This has helped us increase sales and create even better user experiences for their audience.

With the above and a whole slew of other updates, LDC was able to focus on their online experience and focus on what mattered most: creating awesome products.


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Initial UX Concept

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