The Awakening

Fully Custom Dev
Monthly Maintenance


The Awakening

Design Partner:

Hello June Creative

Services we provided:

Monthly Maintenance: Aquila Suite

  • Frontend - Vue.js, Quasar
  • Backend - Drupal 8
  • Integrations with Add-On technologies: Segment, Heap, Hotjar.
  • Strategic Advising Sessions: 1 on 1 meetings
  • Unlimited Landing Page Design + Builds
  • Unlimited Sales Page Design + Builds
  • Technology Management and Administration
  • Unlimited content changes
  • Continual Technical Support to resolve any issues
  • Continual Search Engine Optimization
  • Unlimited Marketing Site Updates

Project Details:

The Awakening was ready to level up their marketing website, both in terms of their branding and actual user experience.

Hello June Creative took care of the branding and we rocked the site with a custom build (a fancy way to say we built EVERYTHING with Vue.js, Drupal, and Quasar). With our help, we were able to get The Awakening up and running in no time flat with a super fast site (1 - 2 second load times. How cool is that?!?!?) that helped users get to what they needed easily. Plus the awesomeness of SEO, additional page builds, lighting fast hosting, and foundation to build out their membership, this is project worth adding into our greatest builds of all time.

Along with that, we have also built a customized blog for them (coming January 2021), which will help them cultivate a community and grow their membership to new heights.

With everything we've been able to build for them, the next step is creating a full service membership for them. Be on the look out for that in 2021! In the meantime, you should check out the awesomeness that is The Awakening by clicking on that link above.


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Initial UX Concept

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