2021 Features Roadmap

See the cool things we are up to and how we are growing Aquila Dev

What we accomplished this year

This site for starters! Look at how shinny and new it loooooks

Our Partner Network. Now all of our design partners get 30% for every sale they bring us in on. Goodbye Starbucks gift card. Hello more revenue!

Improved Search Engine Optimization - We now work with Moz to improve SEO for all of our one time builds and ongoing website maintenance. This is included for freeeeeeee, baby.

Drupal 8 + Vue.js - Basically, we now offer fully CUSTOM E-Commerce & Web based Applications that can spank the pants off most anything. This is in addition to our list of Webflow & Custom Shopify services.

Custom Server Space - We now work with an independent technology server company that is NOT owned by Google or Amazon Web Services. Now you can sleep in peace knowing your data is yours and no one can take away your land or FREEEEEDDDOOOMMMMM.

Quasar - A Vue.js framework that allows us to build PHONE APPLICATIONS. Yep. You heard it here first. We will be integrating the ability to create iPhone and Android applications within the next 6 months.

Privacy Based Analytics - We will be working with Matomo to install privacy based analytics that are just as good (if not better) than Google Analytics. It will be included with all monthly maintenance packages in place of or along side GA

Referrals - For designers who have a lot of friends and don't mind sharing us with them, we are making this fur you. We will be working on putting a referral system in place to get you even more $$$.

Deeper ActiveCampaign Integrations - We are working with ActiveCampaign's API to build more inclusive and hyper-focused email marketing campaigns, which means higher conversion rates for you and your clients.

What we saved for later

Custom E-Learning Platform - We are planning on replacing Kajabi, Thinkific, and all the other applications that are for courses. Say goodbye to cursing at the tech gods for not having a solution that works for what YOU and your community needs, not what someone thinks you need.

Turnkey websites - Have the ability to buy a turnkey solution right from our website. Without talking to anyone. Complete with a user-friendly dashboard (this will be the MVP for something REALLY SPECIAL in 2022)

Designer Resources - For each of our design partners, we will be giving them special access to additional resources and super awesome helpful tips. From how to easily sell complicated high end development with design packages to an in depth look at the tools we use - designers - this one is for you!

Have a suggestion?

Hit us up through the button below or by emailing sales@aquilacreative.co! We love bringing new ideas to life.